Published Poems

Indiana Review, March 2023 

“she harvests herself” “not a suicide note” & “at 26, hugs are dangerous”

The Academy of American Poets’ Poem-A-Day, September 2020 & July 2021 

“where all, we flowers”

“Certificate of Live Birth”

TriQuarterly Issue 160, June 2021

“Apocrypha: i exist in every world”

Washington Square Review Issue 46, May 2021

“honey all over”

Pinwheel  Spring 2020, May 2020

“blue” “Pink” & “wonderment & soft armament”

The Slowdown Show, April 2020

“In Which Our Wants Are Worlds” (reprint)

The Shade Journal Issue 4, August 2019

“On Earth, I Is, Will Be, Me”

Paper Darts Volume 8, May 2019

“For When You Are Weary”

The Iowa Review Blog, April 2019

“Instructions For The Moon”

Poetry Daily, January 2019

“In Which Our Wants Are Worlds” (reprint)

Apogee Issue 11, November 2018

“Chromosome Death In A Blood Garden”

WATER,  September 2018

“Body” “Somewhere Queer” & “A New Story”

Muzzle Magazine Issue 22, June 2018

“For Grace, For Grave” & “In Which Our Wants Are Worlds”

Yemassee Journal, May 2018

“Rosenbergs’ Reprieve” “The Little Factory In My Head” “Wade Swim Walk” & “Her Appetite For Life” 

WUSGOOD?, October & November 2016

Brooklyn Mid-Fall

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